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16+ years of track record.


  • Our Services, Your Solution
  • Dedicated to providing your practice with the latest reimbursement strategies
  • Our first priority higher reimbursement in timely manner
  • Highly experienced and motivated skills in healthcare industry to take your practice to the next level
  • Complete Medical Billing services & solutions to maximize your reimbursement
  • Providing services with fast, efficient & reliable service to our clients and their patients
  • Maximizing our client’s income level


  • Focus on quality patient care.
  • Focus on strategy to acquire new patients
  • Focus on policy and compliance
  • Focus on superior patient relations
  • Expedite and enhance revenue generation
  • Enhance productive office hours
  • Improve claim accuracy
  • Reduce office expenses

We have a unique process to ensure your outsourcing success. Regardless of where you are, depending on your needs we can cater to your requirements.

We analyze the situation to understand your needs.

  • We conduct a comprehensive study of the processes involved and give our input on the components of your business.
  • We establish a pilot project. We will clearly define parameters of quality, productivity, turnaround time, and cost efficiency. Pilot program is carried out over a 30 day period, but this could vary depending on the service you are seeking.
  • We have a specialized team who would work with you and the execution team to make sure that standards and efficiency do not drop. The objective of this stage is to consistently meet expectations.

We ensure that you not only have a comfortable outsourcing experience, but never lose control over the entire process.