The importance of revenue management cannot be underestimated. Tracy Bird, CPC, director of consulting services for Kansas Medical Mutual Insurance company comments, “The revenue cycle is the life blood of a medical practice because that’s where the money comes from. It should be at the top of every physicians list, right behind good patient care!”

Our exceptional resources are there to facilitate the entire process for you! We do not want to be your vendor and we are your partners helping you to meet the day to day challenges!
ZTBS system utilizes the highest level of security in accordance with HIPAA requirements.

We enable you to:

• Focus on the quality of patient care
• Focus on strategy to acquire new patients
• Focus on policies and compliances
• Focus on great customer services
• Expedite and enhance revenue generation
• Enhance productive office hours
• Improve claim accuracy
• Reduce office expenses

Our round the clock services include:

• Appointment Scheduling
• Patient Registration/ Enrollment
• Insurance Eligibility Verification
• Pre-Certification / Pre-Authorization
• Medical Coding
• Medical Billing / Charge Capturing
• Claims Transmission
• Insurance Follow up
• Payment Posting
• Self-pay follow up
• Denial Management
• Medical Transcription

Patient Services

Appointment Scheduling

  • We help our customers schedule their appointment according to the mutual convenience of Physician and patient.
  • We assist our customers in migrating to effective and efficient electronic scheduling.

Eligibility Verification

We verify the insurance eligibility and coverage to:

  • Maximize collections
  • Minimize claims
  • Strong Management skills

Patient Enrollment

Capturing patient’s demographic information accurately to:

  • Submit clean Claims to various insurance carriers
  • Reduce delays in claim submission (turnaround time of 24-48 hours)
  • 95-98 % accuracy ratio

Rigorous controls in the data capture process helps to ensure 100% accuracy for critical information following HIPAA Law.

Pre-Certification / Pre-Authorization

We coordinate with insurance carriers to get pre-authorization or pre-certification identity details to manage receivables better and collect dues on time from insurance carriers.

  • Receive timely Pre-Authorization/ Pre-certification ID details from Insurance Carriers
  • Get paid on time
  • Minimizing risk related to Patient Identification

Billing Services

Medical Coding

Our Medical Coding Team ensures correct Procedure & Diagnosis Codes that are identified from CPT and ICD 9 CM / ICD 10 manuals on the principle of Code as per the documented information”.

Medical Billing / Charge Capturing

  • We capture the charges accurately through a team of experienced professionals.
  • We help our customers to submit clean claims
  • We reduce the lead time of claim submission
  • We reduce claim denials due to incorrect details
  • The turnaround time of 24 / 48 hours

Claim Generation & Submission

  • We process electronic & paper claims
  • We have powerful experience on EMR +PM & PMS technologies
  • We generate claims within permissible filing limits we reduce delays in claim submission

We maintain a 24 – 48 hours around time for claim submission.

Payment Services

Payment Posting

We post payments received in all forms i.e. EOBs, EFTs received from carriers, banks, credit cards and cash payments received from patients. This helps our customers to:

  • Post payments on timely calculate revenue
  • Help resolve payment-related queries

We maintain turnaround time of 48/96 hours for posting payments in various forms.

Patient Review

  • We conduct payments Reviews periodically
  • Track payments patterns
  • Check discrepancies in payments
  • Correct DSO values
  • Facilitate payment realization at the procedural level

This analysis helps our customers introduce corrective measures to improve revenue by reducing payments denials.

Accounts Receivable Services

AR Analysis & Follow-up Services

  • Denial Management
  • AR analysis
  • Insurance follow-up
  • Self-pay follow-up

Our Services include timely reporting of:

  • Payer punctuality / payer Mix
  • Aging analysis, procedure code analysis, insurance analysis.
  • Cash collection analysis, under payment analysis & expected collection report
  • Charges, payments and adjustments

Patient Follow-Ups

  • We follow up with the patients for outstanding payments.
  • We help in timely recovery of payments
  • Timely follow-up with patients helps reduce bad debts and maintain better customer relations.

Follow Up with Insurance for Outstanding Receivable

  • We run aging reports for outstanding claims and follow-up with carriers
  • We help improve revenue realization and reduce.
  • We maintain target of 45-50 days for DSOs.

Denial Analysis & Follow –ups

  • We conduct thorough analysis of every denied claim, make the necessary corrections and follow-ups to convert it into a clean claim
  • We help introduce preventive measures for future billing.
  • We maintain a turnaround time of 48 / 96 hours for denials.

Credentialing & Enrollments

  • We provide Credentialing services for all the federal & commercial payers including MCR, MCD, Tricare, BWC
  • Instead of submitting initial requests, we directly reach P for your county to avoid delay and to get the job done in efficient manners.
  • Our weekly status report provides updates of your Credentialing Progress to keep you up to date.